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Are you checking loaded rounds,or sized brass?
This is resized brass
Just to be sure you understand how the gage works,no dis intended,there is the top surface of the gage,(the gage overall length),and there is a shallow groove ground across it.The case head should be between these two
It protrudes a bit above the top surface
Is there any friction on the diameter?
No, it slides in and out very easily
Are you getting just a little bump-over feel on the lever at the top of the stroke?That would tell me all the slack is out of the system and you are sizing it as short as it will go
Basically what I'm doing is when the I screw the die down just to where it hits the shell holder, I back the ram down and screw the die down another 1/4 turn. My understanding is that will eliminate the cam over effect.
A work-around idea.Measure,with calipers,how much your brass sticks up high.You can measure the gage,then measure over the brass in the gage
I have done that. The gauge is 1.760 and most of my resize brass is falling between 1.766-1.768. So 6-8 thousanths too high.
Redding makes a series of competition shellholders in + and - heights.If you got a -.004 or -.005 shellholder,that should fix you up
I didn't realized that. Definitely something to think about. Considering I'm over by 006-008 which do you recommend...-005? Redding shows the sets as including +002, +004, +006, +010 ?
Are your dies and shellholders the same brand,and,are you sure you have the correct shellholder?They work as a team.It is one place a tolerance error could occur
No this is my original Hornady shell holder.

In a bit of irony, as a keepsake I actually saved my very first reloaded round. A .223 cartridge that just so happens to fit flush on the Wilson gauge-at 1.762 to be exact.

Thanks for the extra effort HIBC.

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