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let's hear it on the 5mm Rem rimfire mag

A post over in the hunting forum got me thinking that it might be interesting to hear from shooters who have or have had a 5mm rimfire. With Centurion/Aquila doing the ammo again, mine, a Christmas gift in about 1973-74, is back on active duty, and did a fine job recently on beaver and nutria eradication project.

Boy, was I glad to see the ammo resurface. The trigger on my rifle is miserable, but might improve with some judicious work. But the rifle itself holds a ton of memories. It now wears a 6x Leupold and shoots about as well as it always did, a tad over an inch at 100.

Sure wish that they would see fit to load some of the poly tipped bullets in the caliber now that the ammo is back in production.
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