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Originally Posted by qwiksdraw
It looks like you already talked yourself out of keeping your 1911.

Too bad, it would seem like just having fun shooting it would be enough reason to keep it. Sometimes you throw out all the logic, planning and organization and do something just because it makes you happy.
I really have no desire to get rid of the 1911 right now, and I know I won't until I put a few more hundred rounds though it (RI reccomends 500 rd break in, and I have about 200 now). I'm more concerned that keeping it without it having a "job" will make it seem "expendable" when something I like wafts by. Again, not planning on getting rid of it, and I actually really like it, so I'm trying to find a "job" for it so that I DON'T get rid of it.

Originally Posted by Dunecigar
IMHO, I firmly believe that a 1911 in Cond 1 can be a EDC. Ya just have to take the time to master it.
I agree 100%, but I have to admit, for EDC, I just prefer the DA pull of my CZ75 or my Makarov for my first pull out of the holster.

Again, just looking for what ideas people have for a 1911 other than EDC
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