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Planned obsolescence has nothing to do with making a product obsolete it means a product is under engineered so you have to buy replacement parts for it so the manufacturer continues to make money after the initial purchase..

What makes you think i do any smithing on firearms?

Believe me here locally "three gun" i would agree with you if you wanted to do your own work,there are two smiths that i know of that are marginal at best.
One doesnt checker/dehorn and the other doesnt weld,lug or do any slide to frame fitting. They do mostly "trigger jobs",spray and bake and sight replacements. Back in new england where im from they wouldnt be called gunsmiths nor machinists.
I dont smith for a living i do it as a hobby for friends,family and competitive shooters. I dont mill any more,there are plenty of quality forged/tool steel parts out there. Infinity,EGW,smith and alexander,Kraft etc.

I dont nitre blue much anymore (600degree salt peter and water incident), but i enjoy hand checkering and serrations mostly.

I love nitre bluing though,this is a little too much,i like just the pins and grip screws. Im going to do the pins and ed brown allen head grip screws on my Colt enhanced gov this week. If i have time,if not i have a friend who does them alot for revolver guys

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