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The CZ .222 Rem I shoot does its best with 40 gr. Nosler BT over 21 gr of IMR4198 with Rem 7 1/2 primers to light them up. Velocity over the chrony is 3350 fps give or take, and it is a good shooter. Recoil is really light, and the round is good past 200 yards for prairie poodles. It is so consistent and reliable kinda makes me wonder why there are other guns in the truck sometimes.

.222 Remmy is a great round in my opinion. A coworker told me he thought it was the best light varmint round made. It took a while to get the rifle broke in and settled down, but now I agree with him. Plan to wear it out if I live long enough, so resale value is the last thing I worry about.

Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine, Coyota1
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