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American citizen living in Guatemala City, Guatemala, Central America:

My most recent purchase has been my Charles Daly M-5 Commander .45. I bought this gun for many reasons:

1. As an American I just felt the need to own an iconic 1911. I know, I know, the M-5 is made in Israel, hi-cap, polymer, blah, blah, blah, but it is still a 1911 at heart.


2. I want a variety of weapons, ie; DA/SA, revolver, SA, DAO, to extend the range of my hands' muscle memory. The HS .40 is next up on my list as well as the Micro Desert Eagle to fill in the mouse gun "slot" in my cache.

Now, my 1911 does have very certain challenges involved in making it a EDC. For one, and most importantly, carrying it in Cond 1. To me, that is a horse of a whole different color to concealed carry. I've been able to master Cond 1 in the car however while walking about, right now, I go Cond 2 with the mind set to finally master Cond 1 while walking, shopping, etc, etc.

IMHO, I firmly believe that a 1911 in Cond 1 can be a EDC. Ya just have to take the time to master it.

Hope I didn't rant too much and I hope I've helped.

Best regards,
D. Idaho
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