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As a fan of the 1911.... a 1911 in 5" ( in .45 acp ) is my primary carry gun....and a 1911 in 5" ( in 9mm ) is my primary range/practice gun - for my twice a week tactical drills at the range.

No platform other than a 1911...since I've owned and fired them for so many years....makes a lot of sense to me as a primary defensive handgun / grip angle, slimness of the weapon, great triggers...all make the 1911 what it is / to me, the perfect Defensive Handgun.../ weight is no big deal with a good leather holster and a good belt - in fact, I think a 5" 1911 is easy to carry.

But to each his own....everyone should buy and shoot / or carry whatever they want...
Personally, the last gun I'd ever carry is something in a double stack ...too wide, too my view ( and compared to a good trigger on a 1911, most of them have pretty marginal triggers in my opinion, simply because of their design - where they're hinged from a pin, and swing thru an arc / vs the straight back and forth of a 1911 trigger ( no arc )....
But it doesn't mean I want to get rid of guns like my Sig 226's or my S&W revolvers in 8 3/8" barrels in .44 mag ( but I don't want to carry the Sigs or the big long revolvers )..../ they're extra guns for the kids to shoot, extra guns for training, classic revolvers, fun for me to shoot, etc...and they make up a nice niche in my collection ( I have about 5 Sig Sauers, about 8 1911's and about 23 S&W revolvers...)...and a few rimfires ( don't need to carry them all ). I will occasionally use my K, L or N frame S&W revolvers in 2 1/2" or 4" barrels...especially in .357 Mag - for my Tactical Drills as well...but I don't actually carry them much..../ that's what works for me...

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