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Normally I am not a fan of ivory, but that Colt SAA looks great with those grips.

Since stag grips were brought up, does anyone know a good place to pick up some stag revolver grips? My father got me a switchblade from an old knife maker in the hills of Venice that wear stag handles, I would love to have a companion piece for it, maybe an old S&W 60 chiefs special or a Colt Detective Special.

Funny story about the knife maker. Two brothers took over the shop when their father died but there is a long time feud between the two of them. They put up a wall to split up the shop and haven't talked to eachother in decades. They work literally next door from eachother and put out pretty much the same exact knives but with their own name branded on it. Mine is made by Armando Beltrame, his brother is Frank Beltrame.

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