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2nd Ever F-Class: Tulsa

Originally Posted by LRRiflemanSNJ View Post
Hi JW. Shot my first "official" F class match yesterday. I was very content with the outcome, shooting just shy of 94% @ 600 yds. I did a little experimenting, and made two discoveries. First, when the mirage is a heavy boil, I need to crank the scope's magnification down to eliminate mirage distortion of the bullseye. Second, I found that I shoot better using a lightweight shooting coat.

This may seem trivial for some, but over the past 40 years I have shot iron sights, and yesterday was the first time I shot a scope in competition.
Awesome. Sounds like you shot great!

I'm not quite there on y'all's level yet, but hope to be there soon. I have a match this weekend in Tulsa that I'm looking to improve on what I did last month though.
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