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Handgun Function

OK folks, this may be a little weird, but I need some advice.

I recently decided to jump into the 1911 world, and bought a RIA tactical 1911. I love the gun, and it's a great little shooter.

That said, I really don't know what to do with it.

>I carry SA/DAs semiautos (safety off at all times or decocker only) or DAO revolvers, and really don't want to add a third action (or a necessary external safety) to increase risks of confusion.

>I prefer SA/DA revolvers for primary home defense/nightstand duty, due to the simplicity of action while half asleep.

>It has no sentimental value and no real collector value, so it's not a safe queen.

>While my carry gun spends a lot of time in my car, I don't like the idea of a dedicated car gun. Too great a risk in case the car is vandalized/stolen.

>I would like to get my rear in gear and create bug out bags for my wife and I, but I know the 1911 probably isn't the best gun for that job, due to the size and weight of the gun and ammo.

Maybe this is my neuroticism, but I like my guns to have a function. This one so far is a range gun, but I am afraid that unless I put it in a rotation of some sort, it will end up getting sold/traded (I have a habit of buying/selling/ trading a lot; Cheapshooter thinks I'm insane). It's definitely safe for the time being (unless someone wants to trade it for a CZ 2057 Rami Alloy, in which case I will dance with the guy afterwards), but I want to start thinking about the role it will play.

I guess my question is this: barring EDC, what do you other 1911 owners use your 1911 for?
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