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Furthest I've had run with .223 is about 10 ft that all are dead right there because I shoot them in the neck.. Which is a large target on a pig, actually easier than a heart shot....

Pigs are not incredibly difficult to hunt, sneak up on or ambush... They do adapt to your tactics... But it's not challenging at all to kill them with a .223. You need to be disciplined with your shots, but I think that's necessary with any chambering.
They are made out to be these mythical creatures with super power... But they are not.
I've killed 100s of pigs with a .223 they all died.

I do not want a pig running over calves, me or anything else after being shot.... I also don't want a bullet exit that may injure a domestic animal... Guess what, with the bullet I choose, they drop and no exits.

A .223 to the heart will assuredly stop them, but it's a trickier shot than the neck. The click of the safety and they look up and give me what I want.

The safety works on night hunting coyotes too. Flick the safety when ready to shoot, the coyote pauses and gives a perfect shot.
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