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Any law enforcement officer who is carrying hand loaded ammo in his duty weapon is not very smart. Most departments wont even let Marksman Observers (snipers) use hand loaded ammo.

That may be true with local LE, but not with one federal agency I know of. I shot with one of their agents for a couple of years. He built his own sniper rifle, It was a 7mm I believe, and all of his rounds were his own loads. I met him at the range I worked at. He would come out about once a week to test his loads. It was in April or June 2011 we went up to camp perry because he needed a 1000 yd range. At 800yds he blew out the center bullseye. At 1000, he had less than a 1" spread. (kind of made me and my m1a look pretty sick). I don't know which agency he worked for nor did I ask, but when they asked for our ID's I saw his ID and badge..

As far as city local LE I've shot a couple of their remington sniper rifles, which were pretty nice. But I wasn't very impressed with their shooting ability. About 4mths ago the city council shut their range down because the PO's were putting rounds into some of the surrounding occupied homes.
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