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Use a Body Die on loaded ammo?

The short version is that I sold my Ruger 260 and got a Tikka 260. The Tikka chamber is a good bit tighter, though COAL is the same for both guns. I have ammo loaded for the Ruger that won't chamber in the Tikka. I could pull all the bullets and resize the brass, but the new rifle likes exactly the same load that the old rifle did. So...all I need to do (theoretically) is to slightly bump the shoulder of the loaded case back a bit, using a Redding Body Die. I have a Body Die on order, which is good, but I haven't had a chance to examine one. Is the top of the die open, so that the bullet in the loaded round can extend through the die?

If the die has the open top, then this resizing sounds doable to me. If it isn't doable, for whatever reason, please do share your opinions/knowledge with me. Thanks.
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