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Everybody's situation is a little different, and what is best or highly useful in one situation might be nothing but extra weight and drag in another.

I have rifles, carbines, shotguns and handguns. My rifles and carbines are of only limited use in a home defense situation, and even more so at night. The advantage to a rifle is range, and that is something of very limited use in a civilian defensive situation.

Remember that I'm not a cop, no longer a soldier (not for decades), and as a simple private citizen, I'm only justified in shooting someone if there is an immediate threat. And its tough to justify shooting someone at rifle distances as necessary defensive shooting. Count on it, that at some point, if you shoot someone, the authorities will become involved (you should.."invite" them, at the earliest practical moment, looks bad if you don't), and if they find you dropped someone 60yds from the house with you AR/AK/Win thutty-thutty, etc., they are going to be asking some tough questions...

SO, home defense is shotgun/handgun range thing. Next comes how you plan to handle it. Several have mentioned house clearing/sweeping, and that's fine, for you. I'm not going to bother. My situation allows me that luxury.

Old, fat, lazy, high drag, low speed operator here. Small house, in the country, yard light (yes, xtra $15 a month), and nothing of any serious value on my property that isn't visible from the windows, even at night. Have a small dog (0 points defensive value, but a good alarm system, and proven).

SO, neither the wife, nor I am inclined to go out and find trouble. My defensive shotgun(s) are for repelling boarders, not offensive action. Win Model 12 with a riot length barrel (no I didn't cut it, I found it that way at a gun show, checked it for legal length - both ways- and took it home). Holds 6 all up, so I don't feel a need for an extended mag tube. Wife's gun is a Joe Biden special (although we had it long before he recommended such), a 12 ga double barrel, coach gun. And yes, we both have enough sense to not just "shoot it in the air off the back porch (the VP's other recommendation )).

On an average day (or night) a deputy is available in 20-30minutes. Our plan, should it ever be needed, is to hunker down, call for help and repel boarders if needed. I'm quite confident that anyone we take a serious exception to will leave, rapidly, under their own power, or the body will eventually be carried out.

If you think a gun with a light, heat shield, folding stock, pistol grip, extended mag, ammo carrier, can opener and pez dispenser on it is a useful thing to you, then by all means have one and enjoy it. Just don't look down on me and mine because we choose something else.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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