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Jimbob, I'm pretty sure I stated how my shotgun is set-up and why... If not reread that post you partially quoted. ANNNNND like you, I'd use my pistol...which again, was stated in that post you partially quoted.

However, I wouldn't need a phone or a flashlight as (again) previously stated I have an alarm and leave the kitchen light on. I have a very open floor plan and from my bedroom door I can see most everything but the laundry room door...which opens out back where my two large dogs live. The sherriff came by last year after an older lady was shot in her home and asked if I owned guns. I said "yes" and he said "good, keep it loaded and use it, as we will not be able to respond soon enough". Or something to that nature.

Does adding a flashlight mount make it tacticool? For some reason I think you're imagining some monstrosity mossberg created (like the zmb chainsaw) and I'm still imagining a shotgun like the OP stated...a synthetic stock 12 gauge...
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