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Semi problematic wrote:
What is your expert opinion on how to properly use a flashlight and shotgun to identify a target without pointing a loaded gun at someone?
Not that I would use something like this, and I have never seen one like I describe below, but I suppose someone could rig up a light attached to their shotgun, that swiveled and had a spring and or detente built into it, so you could swivel it to say a 45 degree angle with the fore end holding hand without taking your hand completely off the fore end of the shotgun, then firmly grasp the forend of the gun again, and then somehow (maybe via just a flick of a finger) you could instantly make the light spring back in line with the barrel. In that way you could identify the target without actually pointing the barrel at it, yet in a split second, have the barrel and light aligned and on target if necessary. Something like that, a mini, spring loaded, swiveling spotlight. It's either that or you chance pointing the shotgun at a target you aren't quite sure of yet and keep your finger off the trigger.....but real close to the trigger just in case. Myself, I figure if I'm concerned enough to be stalking around in the dark, then something has made me concerned and it isn't a member of my family creating my concern. So I wouldn't be too concerned about pointing my light and barrel at whatever it was that had caused my concern in the first place. I don't have to function the trigger if the target isn't an immediate threat, and I'm not concerned that I might cause consternation in the mind of the target by my pointing the barrel at whatever the target was that shouldn't be there that caused my concern in the first place.

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