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You did say you were going to sweep the carpet while you sweep the house. So now you're not going to do that? Or is "sweeping the house" some how different from "clearing it"?

Not true, you don't have to point a loaded gun at someone to use an attached flashlight. You could chamber the round after identifying the target maybe... I don't really see that as any slower than carrying a flashlight with one hand and gun in the other... I live way out in the country...but I also pay an extra $15 a month to have 3 street lights on my property. One in the front yard by the road, one in the backyard which lights up the front of the barn, and one off towards the back corner that lights up the back and side of the barn...if power went out though I could see me needing a mounted flashlight.

I never said anyone had to put anything on their gun, I have simply argued the virtues of some attachments that previous posters have mocked. I actually have none of those attachments (though I do have the synthetic stock). I have a simple NEF pardner protector with a hogue forearm and gg&g follower and a winchester model 1300 with wood stocks...different tools for different task. I leave my kitchen light on and have an alarm on my house as well as 2 no need for flash lights, plus I have a pistol as primary SD gun, the pardner sits in the closet, so no need for extended mag's not threaded for chokes and I have no interest in paying someone to put a breacher tip on there...
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