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Bear in mts of Pennsylvania

My son-in-law, Dan, is part owner of a cabin up north in the mountains of Mifflin County. He and my daughter drove up for the weekend so Dan could archery hunt for deer. Shortly after dawn on Saturday, a big bear walked up to Dan’s tree. It stood to full height and stretched up with its paws onto the tree. Dan was a little spooked and at a loss of what to do. So he raised his voice and said, “SHOO”, several times. The bear seemed puzzled but eventually walked away into the forest and vanished. At about 8:30AM, a herd of deer ambled through and Dan shot a big doe with his compound bow. Distance was approx 30 yards. It was a hot day for October with temps rising into the 80’s. So they hurried back to Lancaster County to drop his deer off at a local butcher shop.

Close bears can cause fear in the best of us.

Fire up the grill! Deer hunting IS NOT catch and release.
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