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Looks like I'm late to the party! In Ramshot's earlier load guides they actually gave 9mm +P data for True Blue and since Silhouette = WAP, they just reprinted previous Winchester data for WAP. Both powders are used by IPSC shooters who load 9mm Major that's well beyond the level of +P and shouldn't be attempted unless you're using a custom pistol that will function with the much longer OACLs. I just mention this because both True Blue and Silhouette are used along with another of my old favorites 3N37 and it speaks for their pressure stability. In direct comparisons with handloads, Silhouette and 3N37 are so close in chargeweight and performance that there's really no need to spend extra for 3N37. I have had exceptional accuracy with True Blue in 9mm. I have worked up to charge levels that are somewhat higher than published data so I can't list the charge. SIERRA's data is warmer than Ramshot's and SPEER's may be warmer than SIERRA's. The loads are safe regardless of which powder you use. If you want to use a single powder for all the different handgun calibers you shoot, True Blue is the best on the market, IMO. For my defense loads that are pretty warm, I use Silhouette because it's chemically treated to have low flash and I get very good Standard Deviation numbers with the warm charges. True Blue isn't treated, but it is so dense and fine grained that low flash is one of it's characteristics. I just recently loaded some Montana Gold 124 gr. JHPs with True Blue that I haven't had the chance to test yet, and I'll chronograph them when I do. The load should be fairly equivelant to something like Win. WhiteBox 124 gr. NATO load.
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