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Originally posted by Kimber84:

From what I was told by a DNR officer in Nebraska, all wildlife refuges and national parks were closed. National forests on the other hand are open to hunting so long as there is no gated entrance that charges admittance. Along with that all BLM land was still open.

That's straight from a horses mouth.
...and that was the point of my comment. I see other folks in this thread giving statements and comments about things they haven't a clue about. The fact is there are many National Wildlife Refuges open to hunting, without special hunts or permits....normally. Fact is, many of these and other Federal lands were closed last week because of political theatrics in Washington......not normal. There are many options out there for us to easily find out what is and what isn't correct or legal on these and other Federally operated lands. Folks don't need to guess, they just need to ask they right folks. The OP was trying to inform(and rightfully so) that some Federal lands were now closed to hunting and other recreational purposes that are normally open. No reason for those folks to accuse him and others of spreading unfounded rumors and misinformation when he was correct.
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