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Iowa Bow opener 10/1 but......

Unable to get out at all until 10/5!

I had helped a co-worker get some stands set up on public, got our stands set last weekend on our private property, and had to come on and watch everyone's outings on here while I didn't get a chance to go out. I had to work this weekend but told my buddy that right after work we could grab our stuff and head south to check cameras and if we got there early enough to just jump in a couple of stands.

We FINALLY got into the stands with an hour of shooting light left, but, at least we were in the stands. I was ranging a few things for reference and getting some pics with my phone just soaking up the atmosphere.

As I was ranging a little permanent blind just being curious, (218 yards btw) I didn't notice the doe at 80 yards on the edge of the same draw I was sitting in. I reached over and put the bow on the crossbar on the stand and just sat and watched as she trotted back into the draw. I half expected here to walk the draw down in behind me via some trails but I didn't catch anything.

About the time I looked to the other side 3 does jumped the fence and made a "B" line down to where I was set up. Two of the 3 does were pals and beat the snot out of the smaller doe who took off back over the fence. As I watched these two for about 20 minutes, which included one of them bumping the bottom of the ladder stand I was in, I was still unsure if I would take the shot. Getting stood up and coming to full draw was going to be hard with two sets of eyes out in front of me!

One of them went behind me while the other lollygagged just behind a tree at under 10 yards to the front/right of me. This gave me ample time to get stood up and come to full draw. I waited for her to take a couple of more steps and then laid the smack down at 8 yards. However, she was quartering towards me, so I just hung out in the stand. What I thought would be an easy track as I heard her gurgling ended up not being so.

I thought I heard the other one cross the fence, but after spending 20 minutes looking for my arrow, and another hour and a half tracking an iffy blood trail over a fence, 600 yards later I found her. When I found the arrow I thought it'd have been a lot shorter track job.

I took out one lung and ended up in the liver since she was on the quartering towards. I wasn't the most impressed with the G5 Montec but I was even less impressed with my shot. So, they'll stay in the quiver next to a 2 blade Rage I had left we'll go after one of a couple of big old deer I know are on the property but eluding my cameras. (Damn cows)

Gonna have some good grub this week!

Not bad for thinking I'd only be checking trail cams after work!
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