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Mr. 92,

I suspect the reference as being "an excellent choice for 9mm law enforcement rounds", is only a marketing ploy. Most if not all big named ammunition providers use non-canister powders.

Back in the dark ages... when I started at the SO, I bought my weapon of choice and ammunition. In the mid 70's S&W came out with the original Model 59s and the SO worked a mass buy but each Deputy had to pay for his own. We had Deputies using everything from 'Super-Vels' to Finish made steel core stuff.
After I moved on to the PD, again I provided my choice of weapon and ammunition only it had to be a wheel gun. Later the City fathers bought weapons and ammunition with 'LEAA' money. They made rational selections, a 'MAGNUM' is a big bottle of bubbly wine and is scary. They bought S&W Model 67s and RP 125 grain JHPs. It could have been worse I guess. At the same time I carried a reciprocal commission with an adjoining town, the City Marshal carried a 'Haus' .22 single action! (I think his son shot squirrels with it down on Corp land by the river.)

So, just being used by a Law Enforcement Agency is not a big draw for me.


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