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I used to carry in a belly band. My waist size at that time was about 40-42. (I'm back at 38). Anyway I never found it comfortable. In order not to let the band slide around, it has to be cinched down fairly tight. That's not a big deal for an hour or two if out walking. But you wear one all day for 10 - 12 hours and it can get very uncomfortable to say the least.

Right now I carry in strong side OWB belt holster, or a Kramer T-shirt holster. Very comfortable all day and about as concealed as possible. The downside is that you can not draw the gun fast with the Kramer T shirt.

After many years of carrying a handgun both professionally and personally, I have come up with two things that are right for me.

1. For deep cover use some type of a T-shirt holster.
2. If you need to be able to draw the handgun relatively fast, a strong side belt holster is the way to go.


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