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*NOVA*: I do realize that there are scopes made for slug guns but so far I have not found the right search terms to filter out the bazillion "turkey scopes" out there along with everything else that "also works on shotguns", so, research is still in the early stages.

I'm not sure how the deer know to come closer when you only have a slug gun , but you're right about magnification. A 1x red dot would be ok but a 1.5 or 2x might be better? I don't know (yet). If the gun turns out to be accurate out to 150 yards though, I do want to have confidence in making the ethical shot when the situation can't be improved. I noticed Hornady includes ballistic data out to 200 yards on their sabot slug boxes: With a 150 yard zero, 200 yards is a 9 inch drop. Not quite as flat as my AR-15...
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