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Originally Posted by t4terrific
When you invite people to your home, you try to manage, and streamline their conversation?
1) I'm guessing you misunderstood this portion of my statement:

Originally Posted by JimmyR
Just like if people were bickering, arguing, or getting off topic in a discussion about a topic that I invited people to my home to have, you can bet I would work to keep the discussion streamlined.
The crux of my point is in bold. If I am inviting my friends to my home so that we can discuss a particular topic, then yes, I am willing to moderate the discussion in order to maintain order. This is not the same as people gathing in my house to relax, hang out, or shoot the breeze. I don't think I made that as clear as I intended.

I also have no qualm about telling someone to leave my house if they are rude, disruptive, beligerent, or aggressive. I hope you have the same standards in your home. Otherwise, I'm throwing the next TFL GOES WILD party at your house!
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