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It seems that the powder measures are like pistols or cars. Some were made on a Monday, Friday, day adjoining a holiday, days leading up to a strike, a new person on a jig, to a part failure by another company that makes the parts suffering from the above. If you happen to get a part made on a Tuesday by some one who got lucky, you will have a great powder measure or pistol or car.
I have a Lee Pro Auto Disc Powder Measure that I wash w/ Dawn and let air dry (do not rinse). I then wipe it w/ a dryer anti-static wipe and then shoot some graphite in the tube and down the shoot. I did the same for the disk or bar pending on which I am using at the time. I also have a baffle placed in the tube (can buy one from another company RCBS or Hornady. Both will fit in the Lee Pro Auto Disc Powder Measure.
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