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The warranty for a Heritage .22 revolver was only $8.35,,,

The warranty for a Heritage .22 revolver was only $8.35,,,

I purchased the warranty specifically for this benefit,,,
"BudsGunShop will cover any shipping costs related to a valid Lifetime Warranty claim."

It costs about $70.00 to ship a gun for warranty repair,,,
I thought this was a great deal.

One thing though,,,
The warranty is not transferable.

I bought the new Heritage revolver and the warranty as a gift for a young lady,,,
After I received it I was informed that the warranty was only valid for the original purchaser.

The people at Buds said I should have purchased a Gift Certificate,,,
Then let the young lady order the gun and warranty,,,
That way she would be the original purchaser,,,
And the warranty would be valid for her.

I spoke with several people at Buds,,,
They said there was no way they could transfer the warranty,,,
And there was no way she could purchase a warranty for a gun I purchased.

They did refund my money for the warranty,,,
But I'm bummed that I wasn't able to provide that warranty with the gift.


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