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My experience has been that threads are closed for "nothing new" when the same points get brought up over and over. There comes a point when a mod, watching the discussion, sees 43 posts with possibly 5 distinct ideas and opinions.

It all boils down to the idea that we are not speaking in the open air. We are speaking on a privately owned and financed forum, with designated rules and policies set down by the owner of the forum and enforced by the mods. Just like if people were bickering, arguing, or getting off topic in a discussion about a topic that I invited people to my home to have, you can bet I would work to keep the discussion streamlined.

That said, I can't speak much to the thread you have an issue with, as you didn't give any hint to the thread title/subjct, much less a link.

Finally, I think the mods will move this to the "Site Questions and Technical Support" since this question isn't Firearms Related.
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