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I would also like to update this thread real quick since I almost forgot about it...

Had the gun sent in to UTAS a couple months back; nothing really wrong with the gun to be honest with you. It was due to UTAS coming out with a new design for the upper magazine tubes that are more enclosed, easier to load, and feed a bit better than the old design. This was done free of charge since UTAS was working on these as they released their first batch and they said they would upgrade those who wanted them when the new design was done.

I know a lot of magazines and youtube videos have tried to knock the gun and make the KSG look better (honestly from what I am hearing, KelTec is having similar issues in terms of first release, but customer service isn't as quick or good as UTAS from what I personally have heard.) The gun shoots great and has been a solid weapon, a hand full of people have had varying issues from serious concerns to minor ones but UTAS has taken the guns back quickly and fixed them up and taken care of the customer, so in my book that's them really ironing out the kinks in their product.

Its not for everyone, but if you have the money to spend and you want a unique but capable 12 Gauge Pump; I wouldn't overlook this weapon.
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