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Belgian Cowboy Ranger

LGS has a revolver on consignment.

This is a Belgian Cowboy Ranger in .38S&W and .38LC.

The revolver is in excellent condition.

Typical of revolvers of the period, there is no half cock position and the cylinder rotates freely when the hammer is down. Lock up is solid and indexing is right in single and double action mode, once the hammer is about three quarters of the way back.

It is a double action revolver with grips which are of faux ivory. (At least I think it is faux). They appear to be original and they have faded to a nice yellowish tan color.

The pistol has no serial number that is evident.

The reading that I have done on these revolvers indicates they were made in Belgium and probably by FAUL. They were inexpensive copies of the Peacemaker but in double action and with some cosmetic differences. The boldness of the markings the manufacturer put on the barrel and frame imply that they were intended to be copies but not replicas. I also read that they were sold in the US by folks like Sears, Montgomery Ward (Called and marked "Texas ranger") and J.C. Penney up until about the mid twenties. Many were supposedly brought back from WW I by returning soldiers.

The LGS owner says that the actual owner of the revolver places the date of manufacture at some time before 1900, but I don't know how he established that. I examined the revolver Saturday and noted what appear to be the various Belgian proof marks. When I get it (Thursday when I get back from a trip to FL) I'll look into those more carefully.

I have seen auctions for these revolvers which ended with a sale at between 200.00 and 250.00. Most of the photos are of revolvers with black hard rubber grips. Only one photo shows a light colored grip. I am paying right in the middle at .225.00 and the guy is going to transfer it to me via C&R, so no transfer fee. Actually he could just sell it to me outright because of its age, but I think he might be a little worried that the owner is incorrect on its date of manufacture.

I am going to load .38 LC with black powder for this revolver. (I need the dies and another Lee turret. Also need the right mold which I am afraid is slightly different from .357/.38SP.

I will post photos when I gets the revolver home.

Any comments you could make about your experience with these revolvers would be most welcome.

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