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But the question I keep asking why spend $ 100 or more to have it checked ...and $ 300 or more to have inserts fitted to the gun you can shoot it safely with modern ammo....

....when you have so many other good options out there for $500 ( Browning BPS pump gun is just one really good option) relatively decent guns, with changeable screw in chokes ...where one gun can do virtually anything you want ( skeet, sporting, trap, some hunting, defense....etc )....

I know it can be done safely - if the gun is sound / and if you shoot the right kind of shells in it....but its still a relatively short SXS, fixed chokes, with a lot of drop at comb and heel....and with these old barrels failing from the inside out / will a guy really pay to have them checked every year or two...??? Why fuss with it ....rather than just hang it over a fireplace...??
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