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I also received the R&D conversion cylinder from Taylors. Bolt won't lock up. Contacted Taylors, they said to send the gun or the bolt in. Free of charge they will adjust the bolt.
I'm new to this but I believe the bolt is unable to lock on firing due to the bolt stops in the cylinder being cut less deep than the BP cylinder bolt stops. This is causing the bolt to not lock into place upon bringing the gun to full cock. So a simple small job of grinding of the bolt cam should fix the problem.

Been there on my Uberti with a Kirst converter .
finally gave up and took the 1851 over to sltm1.
a little work on hand and bolt and she was up and running smooth as silk .

Let me also say that I am also new to revolvers and cartridges. But im also a tight wad when it comes to my money . Until I decided to do the conversion on my Uberti , it had been years since I bought a box of ammo . I about cra%%ed when I saw the prices . But I did end up buying 2 boxes of 38 long colt .
Took one trip to the range to realize that I would be going the reloading route and doing it very quickly .
I bought a lee Turret press and a single stage off of criegs list . The turret press and been used a few time and the single stage was new in the box . Also got 2 cans of A.S and 400 small pistol primers and 500 casings for 38 long colt , , 250 bullets , auto primer , slap hammer and a complete 4 die set for both 38 long colt and 45 long colt , all for 175.00.
I sunk another 140.00 in a mould and dies set for 38 cal heeled bullets from Old west bullet moulds .
A couple reloading manuals for rifles and pistol and I was off and running .

dont know why i didnt in fact go the route sooneras i been reloading my own shotgun shells for years . I guess probably becouse past my HD pistol , i never really had a need to reload enough pistol rounds to make it worth my time and exspence
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