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Here's the question How many handgunners have ringing ears? lol
Okay, maybe not a serious question, but I'll answer...

I have ringing ears and it angers me.
My whole life, I've always have phenomenal hearing. I can pick up sounds that (I would guess?) many cannot... I say this because I have and I do and sometimes, people think I'm making it up or cracking a joke. When driving down a highway, I can hear when a small leaf is caught under the windshield wiper, stuff like that.

My hearing has always been incredibly sensitive, and loud noises are absolutely painful to me, always have been. So, as a shooter, I've always taken a very pro-active role in hearing protection, simply because I couldn't take the pain of shooting without them. I started shooting in the 1980s, where most folks were conscious of the risks, not like the guys from earlier generations that weren't. (we rarely wore shooting glasses, though, so we were stupid in our way way...)

But now, my $%&#@#'ing ears ring. And it's not from shooting. I'm pretty sure it's from a maintenance drug to combat acid reflux. And yeah, I've discussed it with the doctor, this is actually the second drug we've tried because the first one was horrendous.

I've got ringing ears but without hearing loss. The ringing does obscure some of what I hear and it's not deafening, but I don't like it. And unlike a lot of shooters, I can't honestly blame myself & stupidity for ringing ears, so that's why it angers me.
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