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9mm sp101 ?

Originally Posted by weblance View Post
I dont know how it could be underpowered... The 9mm is very close to .38+P. If you cant get it done with that, then you never will. 9mm has proven time and again, to be a very worthy cartridge. The problem is people have a dislike for moon clips. I dont see the problem. If you are a revolver fan, 9mm is a good choice because the ammo is cheap. Its much cheaper than .38 special, and has better performance. My 905 is powerful, accurate, and shoots cheap ammo. Whats not to like about that?
Good point about ammo prices, but most revolver fans I know reload, so cost isn't as big of a factor. This may just be my circle, but I bet a good chunk of people that actually shoot revolvers a lot reload.
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