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Ziggy or Zippy? I have had a couple of Replies with Zippy, seems like a guy I could drop the tailgate for, and have a root beer, and smoke a cigar with, (after the match). Too bad the other two weren't any real help. I have found that group lessons seem to be where the best value is at.

The most help I ever got, was from my teamates during a Winter League. Everybody wanted everyone to shoot the highest possible score, so we could beat the other teams. All six of us went from "B" & "C" shooters to "A" & "AA" in one season. We shot a match everyother weekend, and would practice 2 or 3 times a week. The sixth man would do a spreadsheet on each one of us during the match, and that way we knew what to work on during practice.

Just remember, "Keep your head down & don't stop your swing".
1. The pattern board is your friend, use the Dam thing!!!
2. The maximum range of a firearm and/or cartridge, is usually measured in miles, and means nothing.
2a. The effective range of a firearm and/or cartridge, is usually (the ability of the shooter) measured in yards, and means everything.

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