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For cutting the comb I was thinking of sending my stock to Tracy at Gracoil, but that was when I was going to do the adjustable comb and the Gracoil recoil suppressing adjustable butt pad and I thought that they would know best how to fit everything into the stock of an XS Skeet. Per Tracy he has 2 or 3 workman that do nothing but cut stocks and install adjustable combs and Gracoils.

If I am only getting the comb done, I might take it local even if it costs a bit more in South Cali. The picture posted early on in this thread isn't the work of Gracoil or anyone local.

Zippy, our friend, I watched a guy shoot with a Square G. Kim Rhode recommended one to him and he loves it. Something like that is well worth the bucks if you are shooting a flat a better a day a few days a week, but I am not there and never will be.

I hope your neck is coming along, guy. I believe you first had the low back done and now the neck. Supposedly a similar neck cut is in the cards for me some day.

I have come a little way since you guys counseled me on getting my first shotgun and I spent 300+ for a Remington Express and have come to develop a modicum of appreciation for the nuances between guns and you are absolutely right that there is no universal fix. Still, the XS Skeet does a pretty good job of things as I am slowly learning to use the thing.

What you said about the gun being mounted low interests me. I used to stand more erect, with too much weight on my trailing foot, with the heel of the butt pretty high above my shoulder and I intentionally got it down. Perhaps the pendulum swung back the other way. Time for a mirror check.
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