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Great news for Chicago gun owners...

...but no one seems to be mentioning it!

Two Wednesdays ago, the Chicago City council heavily modified their gun laws.

-CFL is no longer required for handgun ownership.
-Guns no longer need to be registered yearly with the city
-Concealed carry will be legal (with some exceptions) once IL get's it's own law sorted out.

This all seemed like pretty big news to me, but almost no news outlets were reporting on it. There was a good number of mentions when it was approved in committee, but startling radio silence when it passed two days later.

There's still a far-too-extensive assault weapons ban, confusing pistol mag restrictions and yet-to-be implemented limitations on Concealed Carry, but it's the best news for Chicago Gun owners in four decades.

This came as great news to me who didn't currently have a CFL, but 4 days later came into possession of my Grandfather's Beretta Model 84 and Llama Especial.

Anyone else following or hearing this news with interest?

Revised Chicago Ordinance:
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