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I have been tempted a time or two with the 10-22, Boomer, but it seems to be on my long list. They do offer a lot of aftermarket goodies for them, don't they? I figure with lots of practice, I can get the teardown and reassembly of the Mossberg down to an hour or so.
Yeah the 10-22 was my first semi-auto when I was a kid so I'm a bit partial. There are so many aftermarket parts for the 10-22 you can build a 10/22 from scratch without any ruger parts.

Hey, my new replacement 25 rd. mag came today from Mossberg. 2 thumbs up for them. All I need now is time to try it out. I'll eep you posted.
I've had many Mossberg shotguns so I'm very happy to see them standing behind their product.

Best of luck. Boomer
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