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I remember you dawg. You will recall I was very tempted to get a Benelli Super Sport when I went with the XS. Its a real nice gun and my regular shooting partner has a scaled down version of it that I shoot now and then and may end up buying. He doesn't need the money, though, and I don't need the gun at the moment. If my neck was to get bad, I guess I should go with a gas gun.

An other possibility is to sell the XS and get a (Browning folk forgive my blasphemy) Caesar Guerini Summit Impact with 32" barrels. My regular shooting partner has had one for a couple of months and it is kind of nice. Of course, not counting the 870 which is now just a security gun, I would be one gun pauper but I could just about swing that deal with no money other than something for sales tax.

I am tempted and this is the time, since my wife is getting to remodel the kitchen.
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