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I agree Jim. My wife has to understand what a disgrace it is to only have two shotguns, my XS Skeet and the Remington 870 Express. I should hit Zippy over the head and grab his P gun. For the time being, I think I will just do the Adjustable Comb on the XS, which at 7 lbs. 15 oz. is almost as heavy as the XT at 8 lbs. 6 oz.. That is with 30" barrels for both, but if I got an XT I would probably do the 32" for 8 lbs. 8 oz.

There is a guy I shoot with frequently with an XT he bought used and I think he may want something else as he doesn't like the way the stock was cut to add a Bumpmaster. I may wait for him to approach me about buying it, but continue shooting trap with the XS for now. I am finally getting to appreciate it.

As far as affording things, it's all a matter of priorities. I ain't a Rockefeller but I can still afford a god hamburger once in a while.

As for averages, this last week after screwing around on the P board I opened with a 20, Then I swapped the full choke out for a mod and did a 21. Then a 22. Then I fell apart but if you saw what this idiot did on the line you would understand why my concentration was utterly destroyed.

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