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I still think you should have a dedicated Trap gun / an O/U is my choice - and I like the Citori XT as long as its not too heavy for you.

and I think you should have a good all around gun ( like the Citori XS Skeet with an adj comb ) ...for Skeet, Sporting Clays and any live upland birds if you want to hunt.

I shot my 32" Citori XT at skeet recently, and mine has a GraCoil on it as well.....and it was ok, I averaged about a 21 or 22 with it.....but it took a lot of concentration to float the bird a little bit ( and I have it set for $60%/40% )....but the birds I missed - I was high on. The extra length and weight was a little clumsy too on stations 2 and 6 ...on pairs.

It just isn't the best "tool" for the job ...for general shotgunning...if you can afford to have 2 guns...its way better.
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