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Thanks Jim. I think my XS Skeet shoots 60/40 for me as is but I have to check that it is still the same after having lost the weight.

Bake, Interesting that you also get a 60/40 with a skeet stock on your browning, but you say yours is a field stock by which I take it your comb is angled, while mine is parallel. I believe the advantage of a field stock is you can slide up or down on a stock to adjust your POI and the disadvantage is if you slide up or down you will change your POI.

Many here and at the range have told me the same thing, which is to do the adjustable comb, but hold of on the Graco. Instead to reduce felt recoil try lighter loads. I can't see why I shouldn't do just that for at least a few more months.

Weatherby, Who listens to a Weatherby? It did feel sweet but it took so long.

I think you are right about discs, Jim. A guy I shot with back in MO used to be a big time trap shooter and pretty much gave it up because of low back discs. I doubt the problem was so much the recoil but the weight of trap guns, since he had one of the auto loading UGB's with a Gracoil.

If I understand Bake, the problem you experience is in your left shoulder although you shoot from your right shoulder as do I. When I have a bad time after shooting, I get shooting pains on the left side of my neck if I look up, although I am also a rightie.
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