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Too bad we don't live and shoot closer to each other. I've been having problems with my neck and my "off" shoulder. I finally took the MC off my Browning Trap Spe. and replaced it with a skeet/field stock. Now I don't have to twist my neck all up, and my POI has dropped down to about 60/40. As compared to 110/-10 with the MC stock. Last week I shot a 97 from the 16 yard line & finished 3rd (first time out with the new stock).

Don't cut your skeet stock, but look for a good used replacement stock (eBay) and have it cut. I believe your 30" barrel will be fine for trap.

I shoot the same load for everthing, 1oz. of #8 over a MEC #27 (17.0grs.) of 700X. I had a friend that put a 20 ga. tube in his BT-99, and it really didn't affect his scores at all.

Just keep your head down and keep your swing going
1. The pattern board is your friend, use the Dam thing!!!
2. The maximum range of a firearm and/or cartridge, is usually measured in miles, and means nothing.
2a. The effective range of a firearm and/or cartridge, is usually (the ability of the shooter) measured in yards, and means everything.

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