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Disc problems are tricky...and I'm no physician / but it seems to me, that with disc problems, its not just recoil that may bother you - but it also might be the weight of the gun as you get older - and go forward. You can overcome a lot of recoil by reducing your loads from 1 1/8 oz, to 1 oz, 7/8 oz or 3/4 oz of shot.....but you can't really reduce the weight of the gun if that weight becomes a strain on your discs, neck, or whatever....

The other issue, if you care, is resale of the gun down the road....with a Citori XS Skeet model, most of us would not prefer it for Trap, because it can't be adjusted to shoot high enough for Trap....vs 50%/50% or so for Skeet...and the Gracoil recoil reduction system is not popular on skeet guns / where it is more common on Trap guns. So I'm afraid, if you put the GraCoil system in it - then it might be harder to sell as a "skeet or sporting clays gun" down the road, which is what a Citori XS Skeet - is really best suited for / vs the longer and heavier Citori XT Trap. Even with the adj comb a Citori XS Skeet will not typically shoot as high as a Citori XT...but then it depends on how high you really want it to shoot. Some trap shooters like an 80/20 poi ..some 70/30 and some 60/40 ....and personally I fall into the 60%/40% over POI ....but I still prefer a heavier and longer gun ( 10 lbs and 32" barrels - for Trap as a dedicated Trap gun).

The adj comb is always a smart investment ...whether its the factory version or done by Gracoil, Jack West, Briley, etc...its a smart investment.

I would go with just the adj comb .....and then reduce my loads to 1oz, or 7/8 oz or even down to 3/4 oz to manage the recoil ....and not put the Gra Coil system into the XS Skeet...and basically maintain it as a desireable skeet and sporting clays gun down the road. ( and you can still shoot it for Trap )...

and then just see how the disc problem is moving my concern would be, that you'll need a lighter gun down the road if your neck causes you some issues ...( like around 6 lbs ) ..../ like a Benelli Super Sport model in well as drop down to a typical 7/8 oz or even a 3/4 oz load in that 20ga make it a light and softer shooting gun for you - if your discs cause you a problem.

but that's my thoughts.../ and good luck /'ve done great with the weight loss.../ maybe this disc problem won't get any worse...who knows.../ when you treat your body a little better, like you have with the weight loss, sometimes it yields remarkable results in other ways ......
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