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Do these mods to a skeet gun make sense?

This is the deal. I shoot a Citori XS Skeet with 30" barrels, but 95% of the time I shoot trap. Presently it has the OEM parallel stock.

Being the stubborn cuss that I am, I didn't listen to some folks who told me to get the model with the adjustable comb that would allow me to raise the POI for trap and lower the POI for skeet.

I struggled mightily for two years with my mount and whatever until all fell in place just a couple of months ago. The gun now fits rather well, but this is after losing 28 pounds. Before I lost it the gun needed some cast off, which is something I could have easily dialed in with an adjustable comb. Should I gain some weight back, I still need cast off.

So I am pretty much sold on having my stock cut by Gracoil for an AC. What I am less sure about is whether to get a Gracoil recoil reducing butt plate. I have read and have a pretty good idea of what it does and how well it does it. Yes there are better systems but they are more costly and I don't think I would want to spend $1500 for a recoil absorbing stock like a square D or J&S Air Shock on a $3,000 Citori. If I get anything it will likely be the Gracoil and possible the Bumpmaster.

The issue is if I should add either. I know that I can reduce recoil more by shooting a lighter load of shot and I intend to do just that as my game improves, but isn't a Gracoil plus a 7/8 oz of shot going to have less recoil than no Gracoil plus the same load?

As it is I have some cervical disc problems that are only going to get worse with time which is why I am tempted to get the Gracoil. Still, I am hesitant to do so not because of the cost but I don't want to mess up a gun. I have heard that it doesn't really throw balance off by that much since to keep my LOP they will have to cut an inch or more of the butt. If I get anything I am getting the one with the adjustable LOP.

Does this sound like a reasonable plan? Some tell me to just shoot a Semi and some tell me I should get a dedicated trap gun, but even if it was trap gun I think I would need a recoil reducing butt stock. Of course it would seem to make more sense to put the money into the higher end recoil reducers, like the Square D, if I was shooting a $6,000 gun. My gut is to keep the XS Skeet and go with an AC and a Gracoil.
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