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Sometimes primers are bad!!!! Or they get bad, wet, oil, etc. Most of the time, at least my experience has been that the auto had weak spring due to years of use. On my HP I experience this and cocked hammer (again) and it went off. Put Wolf spring into her. I have been shooting or hunting for over 50 years and reloading since about 78. I may have experienced half dozen defective primers. 3 or 4 of them were in NEW Rem 30-06 ammo but it was an old firing spring that needed replacing. I had a couple of 12 guage shells that ddn't go boom, but they had been exposed to numeroswet days. If you feel concerned, paint fingernail polish on primers. Red is good golor and it marks your brass at range, if someone elese tries to pick up your brass. It worked will on my 44 mag bang stick when I used to scuba dive. But even then, I through the exposed shells away after each season. Just to be safe.
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