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There is more money around now days. It was common to see chopped military guns in the woods when I started hunting, not so much now. The chopped guns ended up at yard sales and shows. Like reloading. Reloading started out as a way to use one rifle for any type of hunting. The other reason was cheap. Reloading was looked on with suspicion by the majority of hunters when I was a kid. It seems silly to the younger crowd now, but reloading came a long way and the components are really a lot better. Same with the chopped rifles. Seems dumb now, but back in the day they were the norm. I still buy older guns to hunt with (Yes, even Bubba guns). The quality and durability are simply not in the newer guns. I go out in any weather and through the worst terrain and would trust a chopped military rifle over a new commercial rifle any day.
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