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In 35 years of shooting handguns the only incidents I've had in hearing "Click" instead of "Boom" with a factory load was the result of high seated primers. The first strike that didn't set the primer off, did seat the primer to its correct depth. In every occurence the second strike fired the round. There are many schools of thought on this issue, but mine is that a second strike is much faster than executing a TRB. If the round fails to go off on a second strike, you've lost very little time anyway and could go ahead with the TRB, but I've never had a failure that wasn't related to a high seated primer where the second strike fired the round.

Things are a bit different today and my former tactical philosophy on this issue has changed for several reasons. One being that I've been handloading for about 28 years and I rarely shoot factory ammo and my defense handloads get meticulous attention including loading them on a single stage REDDING press and dies. But, even with factory ammo, it's just not likely these days that you'll encounter a high seated primer with premium defense ammo and I'll give you a good example. Either in 2002 or 2003, SPEER had a recall on their 124 gr. +P Gold Dot load in 9mm. Later, they repackaged the ammo and resold it as "Practice Only/Not for Law Enforcement Use" and as it turns out, it was due to 1 primer in about 50,000 failing to ignite. I took the oppurtunity to buy some of that ammo and carried it with confidence since I carried a DA/SA pistol. But if SPEER and the other premium defense ammomakers issue a recall because of an incident that might occur once in 50,000 rounds, I'd say QC is pretty tight and probably even tighter today.

Earlier this year, Ruger replaced a P-89 I owned and used as a handload test platform by selling me an SR9 at a very low price. I didn't think I would go back to a striker fired pistol and mainly used my XDm .45 for the range and at home. I thought I'd just use the SR9 as a handload tester as well until the trigger just kept getting better and reliability was perfect. I sold the XDm and bought an SR45 in April and I'm just as pleased and really enjoy shooting .45 loads up to +P level. I haven't had the slightest hint of any striker incident and combined with the fact that my handloaded defense loads get special attention, I'm just not as concerned about not having second strike capability. Once you do get the Beretta, put several hundred rounds through it to break it in. Hopefully, you won't have any striker issues and at that point can call it good. Then in practice, make the TRB drill part of your shooting regimine for just in case. I can't seak for the Beretta, but I have complete confidence with both of my Ruger SRs.
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