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I don't care who you are or how much training you have, if you can do that with a gun in your face it is impressive.
It is impressive, almost too impressive, don't you think? There are a lot of really amazing feats in the story where the hero does things that are all amazing. He could see the trigger being pulled at night and activate his seatback release to dodge a bullet. That must have been one really slow trigger pull, but seeing the trigger pull shows extraordinary night vision capability. He could then fight with the guy while the guy continued to fire, managing to control the gun, open the door, push him back, draw and fire his own gun where every single shot hit its target, all sorts of holes in the vehicle, come out of the incident completely unhurt, and even be told the day when his gun would be returned to him and yet none of this made the news.

That may be the story told to Microgunner, but it is awfully fantastic to believe at face value with no public information.
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