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I have only a passing familiarity with the design of that tang sight, but is it possible to take the eyepiece apart, insert a thin shim made of something like felt or plastic sheet. The eyepiece might then slide along the ladder without having to loosen it up for elevation adjustments.
That wont work Doc. The eyepiece has a threaded rod that adjusts elevation but you also have to loosen the eyepiece for it to move which is also how windage is adjusted. I'm fortunate that my windage is adjusted fully to the right so I don't have to worry about that. You loosen the two lock nuts at the top and then turn the knurled knob to make the eyepiece go up and down. A more expensive sight has a ball at the bottom of the rod that seats in the housing and doesn't come out so you don't have to keep loosening the nuts till you get it adjusted. These don't have that. With the nuts loose the whole rod will slide up.

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